Interview with Brit + Co / by Evyn Williams

Hello hello! I'm excited to share this interview I did with Brit + Co about "On Mornings".

"On Mornings" is a nonfiction writing project all about the small, exquisite mysteries of our morning routines and habits. It is being created in partnership with HITRECORD and Medium. Check out the article to learn more about how it's developing. 

‘What we’re really looking for in terms of the storytelling is vivid, detailed writing,’ says Evyn Williams, the resident director and editor of On Mornings. ‘We want these stories to really bring us into the morning with you. We want to hear the details of what you do and why you do it.’

Where did those chips on your favorite coffee mug come from? Why do you eat your cereal out of a certain bowl? When do you usually leave the house — and when do you actually need to leave the house? These are the details that Williams and her team are looking for — but they want you to get into the nittiest, grittiest minutiae.

Here is a little more about the project, from 

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