The Body Book is now available! by Evyn Williams


Woweee wow!!! It's really here! You can order THE BODY BOOK right now!

This is a collection of short stories and poems all themed around the the body. Each chapter is comprised of several pieces of writing—some by individual authors, some written by several writers in collaboration—grouped by a thematic connection to a specific part of the body. Some of the connections are fairly literal, while others are more abstract; the “Blood” chapter includes a gory story called Mr. Bricks, but it also includes one called Bloodline, in which the narrator reflects on his genetic inheritance.

I was the co-editor of this collection, and two of my pieces — Slope and New Year — appear in the book. I am so excited for you to hold it in your hands!

x evyn

Read + listen to the full 'ON MORNINGS' series by Evyn Williams

The full ON MORNINGS series has been released! Whoo hoooo!

This series explores our mornings and all the rituals, quirks, and habits that make up this often unexplored part of our day.

The six articles in the series are: 







I had so much fun directing this series and hosting the podcasts. I talk a little about it in this interview with Brit + Co. I hope you enjoy the series! 

x evyn

First 'ON MORNINGS' article is live! by Evyn Williams


It's here! The first article for ON MORNINGS is now live on Medium!

This is a nonfiction storytelling series developed in partnership with HITRECORD and Medium. Each article includes both a written piece and a podcast episode. Really excited to share these! 

This was really fun to work on! 

This is a six-part series, so stay tuned for more! You can see all the articles in the series here as they are published. 

x evyn

Interview with Brit + Co by Evyn Williams

Hello hello! I'm excited to share this interview I did with Brit + Co about "On Mornings".

"On Mornings" is a nonfiction writing project all about the small, exquisite mysteries of our morning routines and habits. It is being created in partnership with HITRECORD and Medium. Check out the article to learn more about how it's developing. 

‘What we’re really looking for in terms of the storytelling is vivid, detailed writing,’ says Evyn Williams, the resident director and editor of On Mornings. ‘We want these stories to really bring us into the morning with you. We want to hear the details of what you do and why you do it.’

Where did those chips on your favorite coffee mug come from? Why do you eat your cereal out of a certain bowl? When do you usually leave the house — and when do you actually need to leave the house? These are the details that Williams and her team are looking for — but they want you to get into the nittiest, grittiest minutiae.

Here is a little more about the project, from 

x evyn 

New business cards! And I'm unreasonably excited! by Evyn Williams


I love textiles and paper goods and all things wonderfully tangible.

So, naturally, I love business cards.

These are the first ones I've carried that are not tied to a specific job or role, but are just for me -- my writing, my filmmaking. I love having something tangible to exchange with other artists. I'll give you one next time I see ya!

x evyn